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10 things you’re doing wrong in Web Design

Web designing is one of the fundamental factors to which we must pay attention if we want to succeed on the web with our business.

However, it is not simply a matter of creating a website, it must be correctly designed to work.

For this, we will now talk about 12 errors that people frequently make in their web design.

These are some of the most common errors in web design, keep reading to identify if you are committing any of these:

Not having a responsive design

Nowadays, responsive design has been considered as one of the fundamental factors for having a good web design. The idea is that all users, regardless of the device they use, can access your website in an optimized way .

Have a slow website

It is considered that a web page is too slow if it takes more than 4 seconds to load . Different studies have shown that many users give up on a site if it takes this time or more.

Do not follow the design rules

While it is true that the design must be creative and original, there are certain standards within which it must be framed. Generally, users tend to expect a web page, within all, to adapt to certain web design conventions.

Let’s say that the structure, besides being beautiful, has to be functional, practical and fast.

That the font of the typography is unclear

Many times we tend to think that our website will look more elegant or fine if it has a font in cursive letters. However, this tends to be an error. It is essential that the source is clear and easy to read , so that people do not have to waste time deciphering what it says on the page.

Use many different sources

We can vary the font style on certain occasions within the same web page. But we can not exaggerate. Using many sources will result in a too loaded design.

Have content that does not focus on users

While it is good to talk about the benefits of the company and its products, it is important to adapt the content to the wishes and objectives of the users , so that they can become customers.

This can be achieved with SEO analysis, so you can identify the keywords you want to reach the audience and define which ones will give you the most traffic.

Misuse of blanks

You have to know how to use the blank space to improve the visualization of the website. If these are not used correctly it can happen that it is too contained in a small space, so it could be overwhelming for the users.

Do not take advantage of the search

When a site is large or has many elements, the search is the way in which users handle that situation to find what they require . Not using this utility correctly can be detrimental to the maintenance of users on the page.

Do not change the color of the links that were already seen

Again, when a page has a lot of content, the links visited will change color will help to realize where it was already and where it was not.

Take little care in the quality of the images

While the quality, form or background of the images are important, it is also necessary to think about images that are not so heavy, all with the aim of not making the page more heavy. If you have very large images, try to optimize them before including them in the web design.  

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