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13 Edge-Cutting Tips for Cartoon Animators

Cartoon Animators

Creating an animated cartoon might look like a very job. Many people have this perception that a great artist who possesses drawing skills can quickly become a cartoon animator, but if we look into this matter in more depth, we can see that creating a perfect animated movie takes a lot more than it seems. First of all, it requires great deal knowledge; then it needs years and years of practice to become expert in this field to get hired by the most reputable animation studios to get your career a break.

Big animation studios or animation production companies like DreamWorks, Pixar, and other related studios get only the best and expert cartoon animators for hire to work with them in order to provide quality and complete the projects with professionalism.

If someone is looking out for the ways to create a perfect animated movie like a professional, then they can check out the following friendly tips for doing the work right.

Tip # 1: Understand What Is Needed to Be Done

The most important thing that is needed to be done as the priority is to recognize that what is required, and things have to be carried out. To understand all of this it is wanted for the animator to understand the theme of the animation and the style or content that is needed to be followed.

Tip # 2: Use the Pen & Paper to Sketch down Everything First

The best practice would be to draw the scenes and characters of the video animation on the paper first before directly creating it on the professional software.

Tip # 3: Keep Drawing Until You Can’t Find Any Single Prompted Action

The animation scenes and activities should seem spontaneous, and it is more likely to happen in the first time a few movements might not look unprompted, so keep drawing until they look unplanned.

Tip # 4: Record Yourself Doing All the Actions That You Drew

The sketches you drew of the acts of the characters in the cartoon animation, you need to perform it and record it, and finalize only if they look appropriate for the video.

Tip # 5: Use the Best Suitable Software for Creating the Video Animation

As there are hundreds of software available for creating the cartoon animated movie, it is essential that you select the best professional and most suitable tool or software that can provide an appropriate platform and environment for you to develop the video.

Tip # 6: Study the Movement Psychology before Directly Applying it to the Characters

Movement psychology will enable you to understand how to apply the moves and acts to any particular character or objects. As there are many factors dependent on the movement of the body of an object or person, everything needed to be understood before applying.

Tip # 7: Understand the Color Theory to Select the Colors

Color theory will let you know about the positive and negative colors that deliver the untold message about the scenes of the movie, which is why it is needed to be learned before applying it in the video.

Tip # 8: Get Awareness about the Latest Trends

Any cartoon movie to be created is destined to represent the current theme and fashion that is going on in the media, so it is imperative that a cartoon animator must be updated about the stuff that is in vogue.

Tip # 9: Everything Should Look Simple & Classy

The characters and scenes you are creating, even the little accessories that you create must look simple rather than complicated. Making complex designs will only going to confuse the audience and leave some unfilled holes for them.

Tip # 10: No Need to Develop Every Single Letter of Speech

As cartoon movie is different from the live-action videos, and not the real human beings are acting as the characters of the video, it is important to make it look like they are illustrations and not the real person. To represent this difference, it is essential that you only create the lips movement for a few words and letters and leave the rest to give it a little unrealistic look.

Tip # 11: Make Sure to Apply Gravity Effects

Gravity effects add photo-realism in the video, which is why it is important to include to give the characters and objects an attractive look.

Tip # 12: No Need to Over Animate Any Scene to Complicate Things for Audience

Over animating anything eventually says that you are trying to convey too much information in a limited frame of time. If the audience is not able to grasp the message and other details, then it will also cloud their mind with uncertainty. Try avoiding over-animation of any scene!

Tip # 13: Take Reviews & Embrace Criticism

Criticism helps you to improve your work, so open up for the feedback and also clasp the criticism to progress in your field.

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