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2021 Porsche 718 Spyder, Cayman GT4 and GTS 4.0 are all quicker with the PDK gearbox

Back in June, Porsche declared various updates for the 2021 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman setup, not the least of which is a PDK double grip transmission alternative for the hot-hot-hot 718 Spyder, Cayman GT4 and GTS 4.0 models. Porsche’s PDK is extraordinary compared to other DCT gearboxes around and as per new data delivered Monday, fitting this transmission to these 718 models brings about various execution enhancements.

The principle motivation to decide on a PDK transmission rather than a reliable six-speed manual? It’s snappier. The double grip ‘box can trade machine gear-pieces quicker than you can – regardless of how gifted you are – and it permits the 4.0-liter level six motor to remain in the core of its powerband. In all cases, the PDK-prepared vehicles are a large portion of a second snappier when quickening to 60 mph. In the 718 Boxster and Cayman GTS 4.0, this implies a 0-to-60 season of 3.8 seconds rather than 4.3. For the 718 Spyder and Cayman GT4, 4.2 seconds drops to 3.7.

While not straightforwardly answerable for the improved 0-to-multiple times, another advantage of the PDK transmission is that it permits the vehicles’ 4.0-liter motor to deliver somewhat more force. All PDK vehicles get an expansion of 8 lb-ft, for 317 aggregate.


In the 718 GTS 4.0 models, including PDK implies you likewise get Porsche’s Sport Response work. Situated in the focal point of the drive mode selector, squeezing this catch puts the powertrain into full assault for up to 20 seconds. Consider it a lift mode push-to-pass highlight. It’s extremely cool.

Other fun subtleties: Porsche says that with the PDK, the restricted slip differential on the 718 Spyder and Cayman GT4 works with higher locking esteems than with the manual gearbox. The entirety of the new 718 PDK models have a shorter seventh-gear proportion than their manual-transmission reciprocals, as well.

Yet, it’s not all uplifting news. On the off chance that you need the PDK gearbox, you’ll need to pay for the benefit. On the Boxster and Cayman GTS 4.0 models, it’s a $3,730 upcharge. For the 718 Spyder and Cayman GT4, it’s $3,210.

The bigger interesting point, notwithstanding, is the thing that you lose by including the PDK: driver commitment. The six-speed manual transmission in these 718 models is outstanding amongst other do-it-without anyone else’s help gearboxes on the planet. Indeed, the PDK models are snappier, however does a large portion of a moment of speeding up truly have a recognizable effect in reality? For purchasers who track their vehicles – this probably applies to the Cayman GT4 more than the others – the faster moving PDK alternative could be something to be thankful for and I can see it being advantageous in a race setting. This additionally makes these 718 models more available to people who either can’t or don’t have any desire to drive a stick-move, which is critical to consider.

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