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5 Tips to Select the Right Project Management Tool that Meets your Business Needs

Project Management Tool

Today, more and more project managers are relying on PM software tools. Which means – after all, PMs are the ones who will use the product on a daily basis. They might have strong views about what the tool must do and how it can manage their projects.

A project management tool includes features like friendly UI to improve collaboration among staffs and offer a wide range of reporting capabilities to keep people in the loop.

That’s excellent and all it leaves behind is a very important query – “which software is the right for you” your choice will greatly impact on how you manage your work, how you collaborate your team and how well your projects are stored and approved.

Ease of use

First, you must make sure that the software you choose to invest is easy to use! It must go without saying, but some software is very hard and users need quite a lot of time to get trained. The best product for your organization will be something that you can use it straight and that must also suit for your team members. Many tools provide free trials or test drives so you will be able to check what it is like and will it be the perfect tool before making the commitment to get it.

Some businesses might need complex functionalities, others can use just a simple one with friendly UI and features. So choose a tool that offers the perfect mix of both that accompanies the way your team works.

Task management

This feature not just allows a project manager to list out all the projects but also assign them to the team members. You can then target on the ones which have the highest priorities and set deadlines, doing this will let all know what must be done and who should do it. Some PM tools allow you to sort projects in various ways. For instance, by completion day, resource day, etc. so you can assign and plan information swiftly.

Most apps inform the responsible staff when a deadline comes near to ensure assignments are completed on time.

For all Gantt charts, the task list is the beginning, so you must create a task management feature too. This must also include the chance to assign projects to others in your team so that they how what to focus on more.

Scheduling And Planning

You may be able to handle a small task with just a list of projects on the spreadsheet. But, things can get risky quicker in a large task. If you don’t have the potential to visualize your timeline and know how the different timelines and dependencies can affect each other.

You can make use of the Gantt chart, as it allows a project manager and the team to visualize the project list and its schedule.

File Sharing

Sharing the plans with the staffs is one thing, but also out for the functionality which makes the data of the task available to your team outside your business. This is useful especially when it comes to operating with 3rd parties and contractors. It is also another reason why these types of software are highly effective and popular.

Look out for the ones that have the feature of sharing files internally with your team so that they get quick access to the details they want to begin the work.


The key to facilitating collaboration and ensuring that the tasks are done efficiently is good communication. The want for streamlining communication is growing critical as more people work from their own place and they are distributed across various organization’s branches.  

A built-in messaging app allows your team to communicate immediately with other staffs in real time. Also, other team members can get through the messaging thread swiftly to get an idea of what is going on – which further helps to facilitate transition and collaboration.

Real-Time Reporting

Save time by buying a PM tool that has real-time reporting. This will collect data from different areas of the PM software and use it to make reports that show the current project status.

Professional Interface

While there loads of tools out there, but some seem to be old – fashioned. Your main criteria for choosing a tool must be functional. But, it doesn’t cost you more to go for something that is jaw-dropping. You will love using it and your team members will think you are cutting edge. These are the top ways to select the right project management tool that meets your business needs. You can decide which of them are the most essential for you and pick the one that suits your budget too. There are quite different products to pick from that its essential to make the perfect choice for you and your staffs.

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