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7 Tips For Beginners To Create A Professional Video

Beginners Tips for Professional Video

From a study, it is shown that a person spends its most of the time in watching online videos more than to reading or looking for the textual description. They are attracted by videos more than textual content. Reason?  Because the human brain works efficiently and remembers graphical representation more than textual. And when the graphical description is attractive and inspiring it will surely leave a lasting impact on their minds.

73% of the online traffic was gained by video content in 2016. This means that if someone is using the internet, they are probably watching videos. The video is one of the most simple, easy and attractive content which is highly preferred by everyone. It is easy to use and easy to take in all information that is being delivered through that video.

In spite all the tasty perks of video content, it requires less effort to preach it between the audience easily as compare to the text and images. The reason why video is getting more hype is that videos are more intimidating for the audience.

Types of videos:

Videos have types! They are distributed in some examples which have different purposes and aims to cover and to encompass the attention of the audience more and more. Mentioned below are the types of videos;

•    Brand films

•    Animation videos

•    Educational videos

•    Videos documentaries

•    Explainer animations video

•    360-degree experience videos

•    Video Emails

•    Product videos

•    Company culture

•    Testimonial

•    Video PSAs

•    FAQ videos

•    Tutorial video

•    Demonstration videos

•    Personalized videos

•    Thank you videos

Seven tips for beginners to create a professional video:

1) Plan your video content:

•    Set your goal:

As being a beginner, you have to set your goals before start building your video. Find out what on which topic you have to create your video. Select the type for your video whether it is explainer video, tutorial, animation, brand, company culture or FAQ video. You to decide which type your video topic falls. Select the type and then the topic outline. Set up your goals so that you can begin your work with proper strategy.

•    Identify your targeted potential audience:

After setting up your goals! Now it’s time to identify your targeted potential audience. You have to figure it out to whom you are going to aim for your video content and how are you going to deliver your video. This will help you to set up your mind according to the minds of your targeted audience so that you will create the right content according to the taste of your targeted audience.

•    Utilizing the power of emotions:

Emotions control humans. If you wanted to draw the attention of a person you have to fight for their emotional attention more than anything else. Become emotionally attach to anything creates a tremendous and deep bond which is unbreakable. So try to catch the emotional feelings of your targeted audience. For that, you have added up the emotional essence in your video content.

2) Choose the right background:

The background of your video depends on your video genre, type, goal, audience! These all things will combine help you to select the right background for your video. There are two types of backgrounds:

•    Real background:

The real background offers you the real-life environment effect! To define it more clearly it gives the effect of office, living room, or other outdoor location. You have to figure out that this background is supporting your video content or not.

•    Fake background:

Fake background works out with green screens, papers or curtains. This type is great to keep up the consistency. Although they are a bit costly and needs a great effort to set up the whole set for the fake background effect for your video content.

3) Don’t need to waste your money on buying a new camera:

There is no need to make unnecessary purchases for your camera. You can easily borrow from your friend or the best way you’re mobile! Nowadays mobile phones possess the professional cameras you want for your video content.

4) Avoid using camera mic:

Try to avoid your camera mic because it will distract the flow of your audio in your video content. Use an external mic to make your video content more clear and audible.

5) The right light:

The more clear and vivid your video is the more audience you are going to attract.  The best and attractive conditions for your video content are natural lights which give a cinematic, natural and soft effect to your video.

For outdoor shoot:

•    Cloudy day

•    Hour after sunrise

•    Hour before sunset

For indoor shoots:

•    Room lighted with natural lights coming through windows

•    An additional source of light ceiling lights or table lamps

6) Film in small segments:

To shoot your video take tiny shorts or gains in the beginning. This will help you to improve your lacking areas so that you can reshoot and make suitable improvements. It will also add the flexibility in your content production which will eliminate the takes and will make it less choppy croppy.

7) Post your content on the right platforms:

After creating your video, it’s time to post your content on the right platform which helps you to attract your targeted audience. Put your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, snapchat. These platforms will help you to accelerate your video content.


By following these tips, you can quickly become a professional video creator and can easily attract your target audience without stressing out.

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