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A Killer Guide to Create Compelling Animation in the year 2019

Guide to Create Animation

Animation has the charm to entice the attention of viewers. As the attention span of online viewers is shrinking rapidly due to which they cannot focus on anything for longer than 5 seconds. The duration varies with each kind of asset. For websites, the attention span is only two seconds; however, for videos, the duration is hardly 3-4 seconds.

Just when the distraction among the online users evolved at such a faster rate, the introduction of animated videos seems like the anchor to sustain and hold the attention for as long as you want. Animation, years back, was only used to entertain kids with humor-induced cartoon series or dramatic comic series. However, since it has stepped into the digital marketing landscape it has changed the face of the industry completely.

It has taken animation to new heights. It can boost the overall online visibility in a blink while spreading the brand’s message more effectively. If you want to drive excellence through captivating animated videos, read the guide below:

Compose the Plot

When offering animated service you have to choose the type of video you want to create it be corporate or explainer video type. Even you want to create an explainer video you sure must have the procedure of your service or the technique to use your products. You have to gather the complete information and take a brief look at the needs of your customers before finalizing the plot. Your plot must address a problem solving and it should be able to captivate the viewer by offering a most valuable piece of information.

Create the Storyboard

Next is the storyboard creation. You have to create most impressive sketches having detailing and demonstration of the plot. If your story revolves around a particular setting having a couple of characters and objects, you have to draw each one of them properly. Your sketches should show the right position of every object and the manner the objects are supposed to perform.

When creating the storyboard you have to first choose your animated video type as to what type of video you want for your brand. The storyboards are created keeping the type into consideration. For instance, if you are creating a 2D animated video you will not have to divide the activities of individual characters into multiple frames. You can keep the camera angle fixed to a certain position and draw each frame in accordance with that. However, when it comes to 3D animation, you will have to divide the creation into smaller frames.

Digital Illustration

Once your storyboard is completed you have to transform the hand-drawn sketches into the digital landscape. You have to make an illustration of each frame while adding appropriate color shades. You have to add an appropriate image into your video and make sure to enhance the detailing in each character from expression to gestures to postures when providing the animated service. You need to keep your characters into a realistic framework where the movements and gestures follow the principles of science.

Add Motion- Animate your Video

Now is the right time to work on the motion and to infuse life in your creation. You have to set each feature with respective movements. How the objects are supposed to appear and their synchronization with the voice-overs all play a crucial role in deciding the fate of a video. You have to pay focus on the background of our video adding appropriate aspects to entice the viewers and to add a bit of exaggeration in the movement of your characters. After all animation without exaggeration is impossible.

Wrapping Up

Animation can make or break your brand. Appropriate use of animation can accelerate revenue generation while a careless use will ruin the overall outlook of your business. It depends on you how broad you keep its cope and how much targeted you strive to keep the content in the videos.

You need to get a step closer to your audience to understand their needs and to offer them quick problem solving through your products. You need to check the preferences of your customers whether it would be good to impress them using some punch lines or you need to keep the content strictly on professional grounds.

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