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Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio lets you ‘try’ MagSafe accessory combos

Apple’s portable adornment universe extended significantly with the dispatch of the iPhone 12 line and MagSafe, and it’s in like manner prepared to treat those additional items more like style things. MacRumors noticed that Apple has dispatched a (presently versatile just) iPhone 12 Studio that lets you ‘attempt’ MagSafe extra combos to perceive how great they’ll look with your favored telephone. In case you’re considering how snazzy a green iPhone 12 little would look combined with a Plum case and a Saddle Brown wallet, you can discover with a couple of taps.

On the off chance that you like a given look, you can name and spare it to get it later.

It won’t amaze you to hear where the thought originates from. The organization is acquiring the idea from the Apple Watch Studio, which causes you alter groups and cases. Apple is plainly trusting that you’ll be bound to purchase official MagSafe adornments in the event that you can perceive how well they match and get them all without breaking a sweat.

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