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Can Mobile Application Development have Educational Benefits?

Mobile Application Development

As the century passed the inventors began to think on how to incorporate the functions of the computer in much smaller devices. Soon this thought began to take shape and the mobile phone was invented and with it,mobile application development went into motion. The developers of the mobile started to think of different ways to introduce more to the users.

Explaining the Mobile App Development

Mankind always thought of different ways on how to make progress and the development of mobile and apps are really an achievement.Apps are software applications that allow it to function. These apps can be used on tablets, iPhones, Smartphone and various other devices which are generated by computer type design.

Evolution of Mobile App

Although the history of the mobile and its apps are not ancient, the road it took is very interesting. In order to understand the mobile app, you need to grasp the history of the mobile phone. The mobile phone has gone through many evolutionary stages to become what it is now.

The very First Mobile

Motorola in 1973 introduced the first mobile to the world. It was very heavy thus given the name of “Brick Mobile”. But it took another 10 years to fully have the mobile available in the market for the customers. There were no apps on it but you were able to call from it using the contact list.

Earliest Mobile App

The mobile manufacturers were the only people at that time to create the very first mobile app. Nokia was the first one to introduce Snake with other games including Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Pong. These were known as “time wasters” because they had no purpose for the players. These apps were simple and had a monochromaticcolor scheme because of the simplicity in the design of the mobile phone.

iPhoneswere the Pioneer

Apple was the first mobile company that introduced its mobile in 2007. You must think that why Apple is so important? It was the very first to launch built-in apps of Maps, weather, text and photos. Soon after third-party apps could be downloaded on your phone through the app store in 2008.

Google was not farbehind

In the year 2012, Google collected all the different apps under one umbrella called Google Play. The various apps that were scattered on different platforms were gathered in one Google Play. Very soon the mobile became more popular than the personal computer.

Latest Expansion

As many apps gained fame movies, videos and other extensions of the apps began to spread in the market. Latest gadgets were introduced to make the mobile apps more accessible all the time and at any place you want.

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Educational Benefits of Mobile App Development

When the first app was built, no one realized that it would be used for educational purposes. The apps were called time wasters in the past but now no one can call them as they have many benefits, concerning education is one of them.

Innovative Techniques of Educating

In the past, the teachers had very few techniques of teaching the students. There was only blackboard, different colored chalks, duster or a few other devices. But now because of the mobile application developmentthe students, as well as the teachers, are learning new methods of educating one another.

Improving Connections of Parents and Teachers

Many of the schools have now developed their own app for parents and teachers. Now both can in a better way communicate between each other if they can’t meet regularly. The mobile apps have different portals for parents, students and teachers to view or post whenever they want to.

Online Teaching Reachable

There are various apps available in the form of books and learning apps so that education can be reachable to all. Another positive aspect of online books is that people don’t need to carry heavy books around in their bags.

Audio Visual Aids

Scientific research has shown that children learn more quickly if they are shown or listen to instead of reading it from the book. Also, projects can be made more interesting by introducing AV aid to it.

Development of Interclass Relations

Introducing a single mobile with learning apps to two students will be helpful in building good relationships between the two. They will play together and use the device by sharing. This will enhance the spirit of teamwork and they will learn to work together.

Saves lots of Time

The students who have an above average IQ can use the apps to learn more quickly. This will give time to the teacher to concentrate on those students who need individual attention. Another reason is to keep the students busy while you tend to others.

General Education

Aside from the above-mentionedbenefits, the students can gain general knowledge that can boost up their IQ level. The more knowledge you gain the wiser you become. There are thousands of apps that can develop the general education of the student.

It must have been surprising for you to learn about these educational benefits of mobile application development and the positive effects that it has if used properly.

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