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Cisco’s Catalyst 6500

San Francisco, CA Oct ten, 2006: Following a lackluster Q3, Cisco Systems emerges because of the leader within the ten Gigabit local area network Switch marketplace for the fourth quarter. fueled by redoubled demand associated an overall rise within the average damage, Cisco older important gains during a market of over $300 Million.

With virtually seventieth of the projected $1.3 Billion 10-Gig market share and a lot of powerful, however cheap style, the Catalyst 6500 is poised to cement Cisco because of the dominating force within the trade. With the recent unharness of associate eight-port, 10-Gigabit local area network module for the 6500, Cisco is quickly propulsion removed from the remainder of the pack.

In addition, upgrades just like the Application management Engine (ACE) module have prompted firms like Pure Video Networks to adopt Cisco switches to manage traffic of their widespread video websites. Implementing coincidental knowledge center services like server load equalization, integrated network and application switching/security, the ACE module delivers the very best performance within the trade. The ACE Simplifies application infrastructure by combining the practicality of multiple application delivery appliances into one module, as well as server load equalization and off-load Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, security, and application optimization capabilities.

Already the foremost booming networking put on the IT market, the 6500 Series reduces existing operational prices and improves a network’s ability to reply to intensive information measure demands. In general, customers victimization the services modules for the Catalyst 6500 cut back their total price of possession by taking advantage of simplified infrastructure, improved investment protection, pervasive security, and therefore the high levels of performance, quantifiability, and innovative technologies.

With over twenty distinctive service modules in 5 distinct classes, the Catalyst 6500 ranks among the foremost ascendable, superior platform for integrated services. Currently, Cisco offers modules that address security problems, application, networking, network observation, wireless/mobility, and IP communications, which might be integrated into existing catalyst switches. every module offer upgraded performance and reinforces Cisco’s hold on the marketplace for network switches. With over $20 Billion is sales circular function it’s unharnessed in 1999, the 6500 Series switch has become the foremost widespread networking platform ever.

While Cisco has been ready to foreclose most threats to their position, rival factory Networks and newcomer Force ten have recently launched new 10Gbe prepared merchandise geared toward disrupting the company’s market share. consistent with the literature on Force 10’s Terascale E-Series 1200, the E1200 boasts of over double the ports of the Catalyst 6500 (1260 vs. 576 local area network ports/chassis). whereas this could be excellent news for the corporate, Force ten has been centered on the information center vertical, and is so still untested within the enterprise market. Foundry’s BigIron RX series switch has received favorable press for its size/performance magnitude relation and lower costs. With the launch of the new RX series, the factory has mounted a regular affront to Cisco’s unquestionable reign.

Even with the competition mounting new efforts, the Cisco name continues to be a significant issue among IT professionals whose networks depend upon their instrumentation. luckily for the stalwart Cisco, the name continues to be the key to promote dominance.

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