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Cooler Master NR200 ITX Case Review – 18L Of Excellence

Cooler Master has truly been all in or all out in the past with regards to Mini ITX. Their Elite 130 and 110 were entirely respectable, their H100 was somewhat ineffectively gotten, in any case. What does Cooler Master do when they come up short? They take notes, take input, and return to the lab. This opportunity they came out with the NR200 and, guess what? They nailed it.

I could end the audit there. The NR200 is barely short of the general size of 20L simply pressing it into that Small Form Factor portion while considering a wide scope of cooling choices and illustrations card arrangements. Also water cooling backing for sure. Enough of all that, how about we get into the case itself and what Cooler Master conveys for $79 to the smol boi fans out there.

Meet The NR200

The variant of the NR200 that Cooler Master conveyed to us is the conventional dark model. The NR200 is additionally accessible in White and in the NR200P model with an included safety glass side board, a GPU riser link arrangement, and an additional fan for an aggregate of 3 yet it raises the cost to $99.

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The outside of the NR200 is smooth and liberated from pizazz outside of the full ventilated and fit side boards. On the off chance that you planned to set this up for a HTPC or lounge gaming PC it could nearly make itself look like a subwoofer whenever put on the floor. However, in the event that you place it in a bureau it’ll be a pleasant box. The back of the case flaunts the triple opening able designs card development spaces and the completely flexible 92mm fan mount on the back.

The side boards for the NR200 are overly easy to eliminate with a ball and attachment maintenance system at the top and an edge at the base that the side board fixes into. Another great plan thought of the NR200 is that the side boards are swappable, so you truly don’t need to stress over which side they fell off of, simply slap them back on when done. Both side boards highlight liberal ventilation gaps and an attractive residue channel within to sure your framework remains perfect and vaporous.

On the motherboard side of the case, you’ll see a removable fan mounting framework that permits you to expand admission air from that side by signifying a couple of 140mm fans or a 240mm radiator for an AIO for your CPU. The posterior is entirely straightforward with sufficient space for overseeing links from the fans yet additionally where you’ll get to the screws to eliminate the PSU cover for mounting your SFX PSU or moving the cover to the front of the case.

The head of the case pops directly off utilizing a similar ball and attachment plan (thumbscrew maintenance on the back to forestall unplanned evacuation. When the top is eliminated you have full admittance to work from pretty much any edge so you’re not going to wind up baffled like in different situations where you experience difficulty arriving at that annoying 8-pin EPS association. The front of the case flies off and gives you admittance to the two 2.5″ drive holders and the water siphon mounting openings too. In case you’re pondering where the 3.5″ drive uphold is you’ll be tying that chonk to the side fan section and you’ll be surrendering one fan uphold for that. In any case, the way that you can at present fit a 3.5″ drive in this size case is a pleasant expansion that is regularly overlooked. The front board is completely steel, so no feeble plastic there.

On the off chance that you imagined that the main fan was the preinstalled 90mm back fan as I did you’ll be satisfied to locate an extra 120mm CM Sickleflow fan in the embellishment box with push pins and fan barbecue previously joined! You’ll likewise locate a subsequent fan barbecue and the pins all set. The fan flame broils can be outstandingly valuable on the off chance that you have a radiator as an afterthought with fans in a force arrangement so you don’t need to stress over the radiator tubes catching the fans. The upper fans are mounted with basic push pins, but since of that, you’ll not have any desire to attempt to mount a top radiator here as there will be huge part impacts. Goodness definitely, you can fit two more 120mm fans in the base, so it’s conceivable to stuff 7 case fans into this minuscule thing!

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