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How Peel Remote App Compares with Other Remote Apps

Peel Smart Remote App

Peel, the most popular remote-control app offers an impressive package of benefits to its users. Mostly used in the TV space, it is now being used in controlling a wider range of appliances. This blogs some of the key advantages of Peel and a few other leading remote apps to highlight the comparison.

Peel Remote App

Using IR and Wi-fi technologies, Peel smart remote can control more than 4,00,000 devices and appliances from over 150 brands of smart home appliances.

Peel TV programme guide helps users browse channels by categories and genres and shows details on trending and upcoming shows. It even offers recommendations based on viewing behaviour. Moreover, it also allows users to schedule a watchlist for up to a week in advance. The app sends a reminder when a scheduled show is up on the TV.

Interestingly, the app can group controls for different devices, thus allowing you to create various combinations that can be performed using a single touch.

Peel remote control not only lets you speak to your devices using voice technology, but it also understands the context. That means besides the direct command, it can even pick up the cues related to that command and come back with accurate results.


Anymote is another big name on this list and shares a lot many benefits with Peel.  Majorly TV-centric, Anymote is compatible with over 9,00,000 different devices and appliances, thus providing wide remote coverage. Additionally, it allows you to control devices using your voice and supports Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Like Peel’s control grouping, Anymote also offers an intelligent single-touch control. It lets the users create macros to send multiple commands through a single tap without even interacting with the app. This includes automatic dimming of lights upon turning on the TV, muting volume at an incoming phone call etc.

Anymote also lets you customise the remote by rearranging controls and changing position, colour, text etc.

The app is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version includes benefits such as unlimited remote integration, backup and personalised customer support. It’s available for iOS as well as Android platforms.

SURE Universal Remote App

SURE allows users to send and stream photos, music and videos from phone to a smart TV and other media devices. Similarly, they can easily transfer files from TV to phone. Besides the ability to control more than a million devices using infrared technology, SURE is also loaded with voice-recognition features and is compatible with Alexa.

One of the most helpful benefits the app offers is back-up. This means it can save the configuration so you don’t have to configure the app all over again when you buy a new phone.

Like the previous two remote control apps, SURE also uses IR-blaster of the phone to convert it into a universal remote. It can also leverage the Wi-fi network through separate hardware, in case the phone doesn’t have IR-capabilities.

MI Remote

It’s not just Xiaomi phones, but MI Remote can work with any smartphone with an IR-emitter and control a long list of devices such as TV, set-top box, DVD player, AC, camera and many more. Besides IR-emitters, MI Remote also enables a smart TV to accept commands over standard Wi-Fi protocols.

In particular, MI remote app is focused on enhancing TV watching experience. It can store all the information on your favourite TV shows which makes navigation and browsing easier and faster. Other than this, if you’re out of your home and want to watch a show, the app allows you to do so on your phone.

Similar to SURE, MI remote enables users to back up their remote in MI cloud so that there is no concern of losing configuration. It can always be restored.

Asmart Remote IR

Asmart shares a similarity with Peel IR remote by letting the users create different rooms for a different set of devices. Not only does this help categorise and manage devices better, but also make it easy to switch between rooms is smooth. Thus, you can easily control all the devices around the home at the same time.

Although the app offers a unique design for each device, it still needs to deliver more on user-friendliness to be at par with Peel Android remote or other apps on this list.

Also, as of present, Asmart only leverages IR technology to control devices and appliances. There may be plans to load the app with an additional set of features. Looking for devices that are compatible with this app is not a complex task, though. Asmart supports most of the leading home electronic brands and comes pre-installed in many smartphones.

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