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Implementing Wi-Fi Usage for Students

Wi-Fi Usage for Students

Internet connectivity either via mobile network or through Wi-Fi is a common practice and one which is rather crucial considering the heightened usage of internet in the present times. Surviving without internet appears to something unimaginable especially if you are addicted to your smartphone. Technology is prevalent in every aspect of our lives. Even the developing countries have massively integrated technology and the usage of internet in their day to day functions. Technology and the internet have sped up the pace of globalization and enhanced communication greatly.

The omnipresent aura of Wi-Fi

The augmented levels of communication thanks to the internet have reaped their benefits in all sectors whether it is in business, in healthcare and even in education. Internet access is not possible without either Wi-Fi facility or mobile data network on smartphones so either of the two is obligatory to be available for continued internet access.

Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is a technology which primarily serves the purpose of creating a wireless internet connection between the router (which regulates the internet from the internet service provider) and one or more devices. It works by creating a local wireless network that can link multiple devices and depends on a central base station (or multiple stations) which sends out a network signal strong enough and wide enough to cover, say, an office or home, a coffee shop or even an airport depending on the frequency ranges.

Destigmatizing Internet Usage for Students

Internet usage is often deemed as inappropriate for students whether they are in primary schools or graduate degree programs due to the distractions caused by them. Students are, in majority of the cases, required to submit their cell phones before proceeding to class or they are prohibited from bringing a cell phone within the institutional premises especially at primary level education. Such measures are necessary in the sense that students are able to focus solely on academics but unbeknownst to many, Wi-Fi facility in the educational sector can work up a number of advantages.

Trouble believing this fact? Check out the advantages below:

Distance learning: Students can study from their smartphones outside the classroom premises with access to internet and resolve any query they receive without having to rush to the library or their teacher (in case they are not available). A student can seek thesis writing help at any time in without having to bother their supervisors at all times.

Enhanced security measures: With Wi-Fi facility enabling internet access in every student’s smartphone, tracking students can be done in a much better way as a compromise on security is not bearable in any circumstance. On campus incidents can be avoided if the students are tracked via internet and any student in any emergency can urgently contact the required helpline without hindrances.

Mobile Apps in the classroom: Classrooms can be made much more interactive with captivating mobile apps which can capture the attention of the students. Instead of asking students to rely on mobile data, Wi-Fi facility can garner every student and teacher internet access and allow for collaboration. Apps for learning including Augmented Reality based apps can greatly contribute to enhanced learning while keeping the students and teachers enthralled.

Interactive Education: Internet access can accelerate project completion time periods as students can conduct researches on the internet instead of having to hurry to their libraries and skimming through a bundle of books. Students can actively contact their teachers and faculty personnel and resolve queries through emails, chat rooms, online portals and other online tools which all function on the smartphone with Wi-Fi. Any kind of updates can reach the students on immediate basis in the notification bars with internet access. All kinds of projects, assignments can be uploaded on cloud and network based sharing can be done with ease. Students can actively communicate with each other and conduct group studies and thereby exchange intellectual information. If at any point a student is struggling with their dissertation, they can pursue guidance from any thesis writing service on the web and complete their dissertation on campus with comfort.

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