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Major bug creates a problem for some 5G Apple iPhone 12 series users

A few Apple iPhone clients, including the individuals who have bought one of the new 5G iPhone 12 models, are whining about issues that they are encountering with the Messages application on their telephone. Some state that they are not seeing the entirety of the messages shipped off their gathering visit. For instance, a post from an iPhone 12 client with the handle of Lmonteleon found on Apple’s people group uphold site peruses, “I can’t see bunch message answers paying little heed to transporter. Just (purchased) this new iPhone 12 thus far, NOT IMPRESSED. It is vital that am I ready to see messages, reactions and so forth from my gatherings. What is the fix? Truly I have done all the past strides to attempt to address the issue as posted on this gathering.. Still no fix. Come Apple – fix this.”

The issue appears to influence those having a book discussion iOS client to iOS client and those occupied with a blended book discussion between an iOS client and an Android client. In any case, if there is one thing that associates a considerable lot of the objections it is that few notice the way that they as of late moved up to one of the new iPhone 12 models. Apple is clearly thinking that its difficult to take care of the issue. On November twelfth, an alternate post from the Communities uphold site composed by an iPhone 12 client on AT&T clarified that he is “not accepting messages in bunch writings or one-on-one SMS. Gone through about fourteen days with Apple Support and as yet having this issue. Truly downright terrible, there’s no consistency to who I’m not getting messages from by the same token.”

The primary door of the 5G iPhone time is here-Textgate – Major bug makes an issue for some 5G Apple iPhone 12 arrangement clients

The primary door of the 5G iPhone time is here-Textgate

Whatever the issue is, the transporters don’t give off an impression of being to blame since the issue has been seen by iPhone clients bought in to every one of the three significant U.S. transporters. We would envision that Apple knows about the issue and is chipping away at a future programming update that will fix the issue.

Have you been having a comparative issue with the Messages application on your iPhone? Provided that this is true, have you as of late moved up to an iPhone 12 model? These are the issues that Apple will require the responses to as it attempts to tackle the main “entryway” having a place with the 5G iPhone period, “Textgate.”

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