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Microsoft Teams to stop working for millions of Internet Explorer users tomorrow

Well known web conferencing administration Microsoft Teams is set to quit chipping away at Internet Explorer 11. The change was reported recently and is happening Monday November 30.

To keep utilizing the administration clients should change to Microsoft Edge to utilize Teams in a program, reports the Express.

Other than IE11 losing Microsoft Teams uphold toward the finish of November, the program will likewise not, at this point have the option to get to Microsoft 365 administrations later on.

On August 17 2021 the excess Microsoft 365 administrations will quit working with Internet Explorer 11.

While this comes only a couple a long time after the Legacy rendition of Microsoft Edge arrives at its finish of help on March 9 2021.

Microsoft recently stated: “We’re reporting that Microsoft 365 applications and administrations will presently don’t uphold Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) around this time one year from now.

“Starting November 30 2020, the Microsoft Teams web application will presently don’t uphold IE 11.

“Starting August 17 2021, the leftover Microsoft 365 applications and administrations will at this point don’t uphold IE 11.

“This implies that after the above dates, clients will have a corrupted encounter or will be not able to interface with Microsoft 365 applications and administrations on IE 11.

For debased encounters, new Microsoft 365 highlights won’t be accessible or certain highlights may stop to work while getting to the application or administration by means of IE 11.

While we realize this change will be hard for certain clients, we accept that clients will capitalize on Microsoft 365 when utilizing the new Microsoft Edge. We are focused on helping make this progress as smooth as could be expected under the circumstances.”

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