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Mingle2 Review: the best dating site where millions of people mingle

Members: 30,000,000

Popularity:3.8 m users per month

Gender proportion:60% Male and 40%

Geography:America, Asia, Europe.

Account verification:email

Mobile app:   IOS, Android

Price:  $9.96-71.40

Free version:  yes

Fraud risk: low

After exploring different dating site and getting the frustration, I finally landed on the Mingles2 site. I had no hope since I had explored other site only to find scammers. However, I had positive insights from friends of a unique and legit dating app(Mingle2). So I searched and there an appealing interface a great and stylish homepage which had the modern feature. I felt I am in the right place even before I signed in.  There were over 39 million active members.

Great! I thought, why should all these members join a dating site?  Definitely the site is legit, and right away I pressed the sign-in button.  Altogether, I spent a considerable time of four months exploring the site, having fun and getting different reviews from other members about Mingles2.  Therefore, I have compiled some of my thoughts about the platform.


Mingle2 is unique and is one of the best platforms I have come across, a platform I didn’t have to upgrade. The site has two versions a premium and free version and surprisingly both provide the same quality.  The free version has everything I wanted to know about the Mingle2 dating site. On the version, I had the chance to send and receive messages, see other people’s profile, zoom in on pictures. The best part I had access to the platform’s custom matching tool (mutual match).

For committed Mingle2 users who are using the site for boosting and getting serious lovers. The site has a premium plan with more advanced features depending on the price you wish to spend on the site. The Mingle2 dating site prices range from quarterly to yearly premiums.  The 3-month subscription goes from $9.96 per month, and a 6-month premium cost $7.95 per month for yearly subscription $5.95/m. 

  • Free services

The site allows users to explore for free, using the version I could create a profile and start looking for matches.  It provides ultimate results reel; I could get profiles of people being attracted to and the ones I like I can message and have fun on the community forums.

  • Paid services

The paid version comes with advanced features; you can view who liked your profile. Also, browse different profiles in ghost mode hiding your identity from other premium users.  The chats are saved forever, in the free version the Mingle2 site chat log you can only see chats for only one month.  The paid version has a unique change-maker which increases your number of viewers. 

  • Audience quality

 On the audience quality part, the site has more than 39 million users, but 12 million are an actual number I noted to be active.  However, the best thing about the Mingle2 dating site doesn’t discriminate but accommodates all people. The Gay and Lesbian and anyone who is seeking love is welcome on the site. The sight has more male than the female with an overall of 60% men and 40%women ratios. 

  • Age distribution

Mingle2 is a site for everyone I met different ages with the same aim of finding love.  For me, I met people between the age of 23-32 years old. There were also ages 33-54 and the 18-25, this was the common ages in the platform. People in the age bracket of 55 are not active, especially women; however, few males from these age groups were there.  The site provides each person with a chance to mingle with different people with no limitation of age. 

  • Fakes and scammers

Mingle2 site might lack more active users, but from my view, I noted the few (millions) who active are legit.  There are few scammers and fake users who visit the site for just fun and wasting people precious time.  However, they are few, and I didn’t mind the one or two since the ration of legit to scammers can be estimated as 9 legit:1 scammers and fake users.  It shouldn’t deter you from using this amazing site and experience a different way of loving.

Nonetheless, you will experience ghosting which is common on Mingle2 for the premium users.  If someone you’re chatting with doesn’t respond it probably, the gave up or left the site. My advice being you should expect any reaction from different prospective partners. There is the part of silence where they disappear and won’t message you again, or they are there but don’t want to reply. Move on to other partners, and along the way, some serious people will go all the way they want to meet for lunch or something.  The site is full of surprises; I enjoy and recommend other users to join in the fun. 

About the site interface

I have had a different experience with other dating sites, some fake and other legit like Mingle2. The first impression gives me what kind of a site and how serious it can be. Mingle2 interface is quite stylish, unique and very attractive. I love the homepage features I think its great work from the platform development team.  The site loads fast and doesn’t have any traffic interruption, which keeps you searching for the right people to connect instead of clearing ads’.  The site interface gave me the urge to open and explore the site, which I have and still enjoy. Hoping for prospect person though the progress is good I might say.

  • Signing up

Since the page loads first the same applies to the signing up process. Joining the platform was very easy for me. The profile details though need some work since you have to display your real you to get a good match.   Mingle2 registration process has only two steps: it easy and fast. The first step is for the user to choose their gender and that of the perfect partner you wish to find.  Enter your email id, location and zip code.

After filling the personal details, the site directs you to a longer sign-in form. Here I was prompted to create a password to protect my account.  Next, I gave a date of birth; then I had to explain the type of relationship is interested in.  The option for the relationships is provided to give a chance to think of what’s best for you. The options are “an intimate encounter”, a friendship” “an activity partnership” or “if you’re are willing to go far to marriage. You give the best choice, which will help the portal bring similar results to your page.

The profile pic is optional. However, I chose to upload the best version of me.  I cropped and made sure it’s the best before posting. Mingle2 profile is quite straightforward, no hidden features. On the site, you can see your partners details the age, name, location and all the bio.  You can check what suits you best for me the few partners I have mingled have some perfect profile while some don’t get to the standard or what am looking for. All in all, I have had my best times and happy moments, meeting different people with best and hopeful settle for a particular partner.  

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