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Motion Graphic Trends That Will Be Prominent In 2019

Motion Graphic Trends 2019

The trend of motion graphics is not a recent one instead it as faced constant changes and updates over the years. The year 2019 is said to be a major year for motion and graphic designs but the upcoming trends in it are several.

Either you can rely on one trend of motion graphics for the best animated video creation of your choice or you can resort to a single style as the decision is entirely yours. However, before you begin to add the use of motion graphics in your website’s interface, mobile app or for a marketing campaign, you should find the right style for it.

In this article, we have compiled some of the popular motion graphic trends that you can use in 2019.

Liquid Motion

Grain effects are used to add geometric details to an animated visual but the liquid motion is used for the entire opposite of it. However, the motion graphics trend is not about adding smooth and fluid transitions to animation instead it relies more on visual stains and splashes of vibrant colors that are made to move and shift around the display. These color splashes, shapes and bubbles keep on transforming into various styles and keep the viewer entertained. This allows you to easily convey your message without having to depend upon textual content.

Grain Effect

The grain effect that is already being widely used in social media sites such as Instagram and photo-editing tools for adding effects is now a part of motion graphic animation. This grainy effect is used to add visual firmness to an animated graphic. Some geometric shapes tend to become too complex to comprehend but if you want to add clarity to shape styles then using grain effects for motion graphics is the right option. Grain effects also work with minimalistic animation designs as it lets you explore a simplistic canvas with monochromic colors.

Thin Line Art

The use of thin lines is mostly used in line art or illustration design but it has now been brought to motion graphics as well. Line art is appreciated in illustration design but the realm of motion graphics is also extending its application. Using thin lines you can add detail to shapes or the design of a character but that is not the entire scope of line art as you can do so much with it. Add alluring elements to it that define your design and use them to add outlines to bring depth to the movement and transition of your animated characters.

Bold Typography

Kinetic typography has been a favorite in animations but now another trend called bold typography has gained significance. While motion graphics depend more upon character transitions, bold typographic elements are being used in animated videos as well. If you want to portray your message in a visually compelling form than animation is the right choice for it. You can experiment with different colors and styles and add relevant font styles to it as well. The use of bold typography elements is seen in music videos but most of these videos are lyric-based video content.  

Fusion of 3D and 2D animation

The notion of animation has faced many changes. However, one such popular trend that is currently becoming popular is the fusion of 2D and 3D animation. The start of animation began in the realm of 2D and then it proceeded towards 3D but now both of these styles and animation forms are equally famous. Some great examples of animated movies that use both 2D and 3D exist but these are not many. However, over the years this trend in animation is expected to become famous.

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