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Role Of The Logo In Website Branding

Role of Logo in Branding

A brand is the added value that revolves around a single idea. A brand is a tone of voice or way of behaving. A strong brand is recognizable everywhere. With recognization comes familiarity and with that comes trust and loyalty. A person cannot be loyal to a brand until and unless they know which brand it is. So the real question is how a brand is recognizable?  Symbols are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information about your business. Most companies market their brands with the help of a logo.

It’s basically a design or a structure that represents the brand in some way. It’s basically a series of patterns or design that tells a story about the brand. For example, McDonald’s have M as their logo, and because of their commendable service and their idea, their logo is recognizable everywhere. We know that a yellow M represents McDonald’s.

Details are crucial while designing a logo. You need to pay attention to what your brand is trying to sell and what your customer actually wants. A logo is the sum of all the words that you can’t speak in a simple design that speak to both your brand the customers. A logo connects the customers, and the brand creates a relationship of loyalty and trust. It’s the face of the company. So when a customer opens your website the first they will lay eyes on is the company’s logo. A logo has a consistent tone with the company’s message. For any brand, to have long lines of loyal customers, it’s necessary for them to be exposed to the brand as many times as they can be.

It can lose potential customers or maybe even help its competitors if a particular look or tone is not achieved. We all know the role social media plays these days. We know that customers not only revolve around the website anymore but also look for references around that website sphere. Its importance for the brand to have a consistent logo or a message that recognizes the immediacy of social media. A logo is essential for the company website because it grabs immediate attention of potential customers. If your logo is designed in the right way by the logo design services and has the right message, there’s a 90 percent chance that your potential customers will be attracted towards your brand.

Appearances do matter, and your logo is the appearance of your website. Basically, a logo is the first introduction to the customers. It’s the first and the last thing the customers look at. If designed rightly, it can pique a lot of interest and can strengthen your first impression. If your logo isn’t exciting enough, at first sight, you can lose a lot of potential customers, and these people will convey the message and their review across the social media how your brand isn’t worth it.

The logo consists of colors, patterns, symbols, things that can be used to tell your brand’s story and create a separate brand identity. If your logo is designed correctly, it will convey to your customers a lot more than you’ve to offer. It will set the base of your website and brands story.

Every brand wants to be recognized instantly, but not every brand gets that chance. If you want your brand to be recognized immediately and your website to have more viewers, your logo has to have that element of identification. It should be aesthetically pleasing. Out of every 5 out of 10 people don’t usually remember the name of your brand but what they do remember is the logo. Ifit’sworth it, your logo will give you the chance to separate you from your competition. If that chance is used correctly, then your brand is a go-to brand for everyone.

Customers are always looking for something unique that speaks to them. Your logo gives them the chance to offer them something unique. Conveying a different and unique message through your logo can be a winning situation for any brand. In simpler words, your logo on your website can be a forum to your customers to show them the value that you have to offer and what makes you different from your competition. Customers crave consistency for example when you’re out shopping, and you suddenly spot the shoes with the Nike swoosh, you’re instantly ready to buy it, the reason is that Nike is a brand that you recognize and that you trust. Trust is built on a logo that has been designed well, and that speaks to us. Every audience expects a logo. If you don’t have any, chances are you’re going to drown as a brand in the sea of brands, and nothing makes you stand out.  

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