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Social Media for Students; For Better or for Worse?

Social Media for Students

In this current digital era massively dominated by technology, social media has formed an integral part of our lives. The internet has colossally assisted in shaping the landscape of communication and all kinds of services can be found online whether it is a thesis writing service in Pakistan or business consultancy. Rarely would you come across someone who does not use the internet or does not possess a social media account whether it is on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn or any social networking site.

Social Media Bridging the Communication Gap

The main purpose of the advent of social media was to bridge the gap in communication and which it has enormously helped in doing so. But moving onwards, social media has found itself useful in many other aspects such as social media marketing. Social media now encompasses a broad range of uses and benefits, amongst some of which are highly useful in the educational sector as well.

Social Media in Education and for Students

You must be wondering; social media in education? Does it not only distracts students from education and deters with their academic performance?

Yes, it is true that social media has negative impacts but as with every innovation, there is a dark side and a bright side to everything. It depends on the manner in which we implement the usage of any innovation especially in terms of technology. The rise of social media led to increased levels of cybercrime and cyberbullying and a lot of negativity on the internet fuels to depression and aggression in students as well. Observing this, institutions and organizations have also worked on crafting social media policies for ensuring that no issues pertaining to social media take place and that in the event of any such issue arising, there is a planned strategy on how to encounter it.

Using Social Media for benefits in education

In spite of the negative image of social media for many especially parents when it comes to social media for students, social media has proven a number of benefits in the educational sector and can be further utilised for advantages such as;

  • Sharing of information: Students can actively connect with other students irrespective of the distance and share information, for example, a postgraduate level student can entail thesis writing help in Pakistan from someone miles away. Teachers and professors can upload and share information of all kinds on social media and connect with their students and with other intellectuals in the education-based community. Groups on social media networking sites dedicated to certain disciples consisting of students offer a myriad of info and are very much engaging in terms of intellectual discussions. Experienced and qualified professionals more than often upload media and content which offers insight into new research and materials. Moreover, students can actively collaborate and share their dilemmas on social media and accordingly work out remedies to battle with those dilemmas. Communication is all the more easier with social media networking sites.
  • Enhanced learning: It is no secret that students are much more captivated by the flashy and fancy social media as opposed to their library textbooks. They would prefer watching a perceptive video or reading a factual album of images on the social media than skim through their course books. Teachers can use this element to their advantage and update curriculum data and content on the social media to retain the attention of the students as well as keep them apprised of the latest happenings.

Communication: Though this is a given, social media has, as mentioned above, immensely aided in the communication process and has thus increased collaboration between students. Many students who were always shy in reality have exhibited communication skills through social media and expressed their opinions with ease. The shyness drifts away when the student views the world from a social media perspective. This way, students who face confidence issues when asking for educational help, in reality, can seek assistance on social media.

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