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The Basics of Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when you used to print an ad for your company’s newest product. With the massive and fast paced digitization of all aspects of our lifestyle, it only makes sense that companies, that are small startups or even huge conglomerates, must reach their audience through an engaging online presence. Because undoubtedly, now customers look out for online products as small as grooming kits and services as common as essay writers UK

1. Track Your Visitor Count Every Time You Post Something New 

There are several tools available online, both free and priced, that can help you track the visitors on your site. This is essentially helpful in cases where you post new content and would like to analyze the post engagement. It helps you understand what is grabbing more of your audience’s attention. 

The simplest and most common tool is Google Analytics; it not only helps you keep track of the traffic to your site. But also helps you see how of that traffic actually converted into customers. 

Tools in Ubersuggest help you come up with keyword ideas that are optimized according to the products you are trying to sell. 

Another than that Google Console can be used to see the percentage of click through rates for your articles. In this manner you will get a sense of what is attracting more people to your blog, if your company runs one. 

Crazyegg helps you access your audience’s overall interaction with your website. It tracks how far they are going when it comes to viewing your website, what they are clicking and helps you run tests to improve your website. 

HubSpot is a favorite for amateur entrepreneurs since it offers most things for free. 

2. Email, Content and Social Media Marketing 

These are three of the biggest platforms that help you create a dialogue with your audience and actually build your company’s influence. Make sure that you stay as relevant as you can with your topics. With content marketing in the form of blogs or eBooks, you have a fair chance of getting them hooked. Social media marketing again, requires consistency; but most people fail to acknowledge the importance of your likes to followers’ ratio. Make sure that your post engagement is so strong that people actually pay attention to it. 

Email marketing, although isn’t considered as effective as the other two, does pay a significant role in grabbing long term customers. 

3. Voice Search 

According to a recent survey 2 by 5 adults use voice search. This could play a significant role in grabbing the customers you need. If your company does not already use tools for voice search optimization, you could be losing many of your potential customers. 

4. Podcasts 

Talking about voice search optimization, it only makes sense that one acknowledges how times have changed and people are actually invested in listening more than reading or watching. Most people these days have very demanding schedules and are always on the go, these are the same people who are will benefit you as loyal customers since they must be earning well enough. That is why, your company must market itself through podcasts. 

5. SEO Usage 

The most common trick for bringing up your content online is search engine optimization. This has been one of the most conventional methods of digital market and also one of the most effective ones, yet most people do not use it effectively enough. There is too much cluttering of keywords, leaving your article or blog more or less pointless for your audience. You need to understand that even if you are putting out good quality of content, but one that is actually helpful or informative, you have better chances of attracting permanent audience that can be converted to customers. Hence, use your keywords effectively. 

There is a fair amount of logistical knowledge involved in digital marketing, but once you get the hang of it, you can be a force to be reckoned with in the digital world!

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