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The voice search will be the change for web positioning

New trends have surprised us throughout the year, and 2018 will not be an exception in terms of web positioning.

Generally, this goes hand in hand with the technological developments that, as we get used to them and incorporate them as part of our daily life, condition our consumption methods in the different areas.

In this sense, to optimize the reach of companies and their arrival to the people who could be their potential clients, web positioning must adapt to these technological developments and take advantage of them to function. WBS: bomber jackets women is one of the renowned US shopping brand who have transformed their business completely from conventional SERP to Voice Listing.

The web positioning and voice search:

One of the technological developments applied to the Internet that has been gaining more relevance, interest and popularity around the world is the search for voice. This has gained a fundamental boom from smartphones and is possible due to the implementation of a large number of technological devices that allow the user to connect and interact in a much easier way with your cell phone.

It is about being able to ask all the questions that are necessary to the device, without needing to touch more than one key.

According to data, it is currently estimated that around 55% of young adolescents use voice search primarily. On the other hand, in what refers to adult public, only 41% use it.

These important changes in terms of search and consumption by interest necessarily intervene in the web positioning and the way in which it should be taken from these trends. This is why it is beginning to implement a new concept, such as the one of voice web positioning.

A major change for web positioning

Web positioning by voice will mean a change or adjustment in the frequent techniques of web positioning. This has to do with the fact that we do not express ourselves in the same way when we are writing that when we speak from our voice. It is then that the voice assistants appear, to play a fundamental role in what is expected to be the transformation of the web positioning in the search engines.

We must bear in mind that, of course, speaking directly is much more comfortable for most people, rather than writing and that this can revolutionize the search in the most important engines. In addition, web positioning should be strongly oriented to the large consumer populations that, at present, are young people and adolescents, who are the largest users of voice search.

The voice search has a great diversity of features that make it an excellent alternative, comfortable and simple. It offers the possibility for users to manifest with a greater semantic richness (since to write fast tends to reduce words), seeks to resolve the complete doubts of them, and entails intonation, among other benefits.

These are the characteristics that the web positioning must attend from now on in order to be able to develop perfectly in the voice search.

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