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Top 10 Computer Hardware Accessories to buy in 2019

Computer Hardware Accessories

PC’s are no doubt worthy tools but you will need few quality computer accessories to make more from your laptop or desktop. Usually we not look beyond storage capacity and CPU speed of a computer and underestimate the importance of necessary accessories.

Whether you want to upgrade your PC gaming or just add few worthy computer accessories in your gizmo list, you can do that by investing money on top 10 computer hardware accessories in 2019.

Gift your PC few useful accessories this year to make your tasking easier. Picking computer accessories from multiple options available may be overwhelming thus I have made this list and I think it will be beneficial for the readers. Feel free to use a personal shopping assistant service and all of these items can be easily purchased and sent to your door step where ever you live.

1.Wireless Mouse

The 21st century is the century of wireless devices and you must spend more on gadgets and gizmos having wireless connectivity. A wired mouse does the same work as a wireless mouse but a mouse having Bluetooth wireless connectivity provides more convenience.

The Logitech-M185 mouse featured here comes with a compatibility with Mac, Windows and Linux devices. 2.4 GHz fast wireless connectivity makes it possible to transmit data at a very higher speed.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome based computers
  • Ultra-fast data transmission
  • 1 year battery life
  • 2.4GHz connectivity
  • Eliminates dropouts and delays

2.Cooling Pads

Whenever you work on your laptop for a long time continuously then it gets heated and you have also experienced that. The regular heating issue can cause serious damage to your laptop and you must make effort to avoid that.

A laptop cooling pad can save your device from being heated. Most of us overlook the importance of a cooling pad but it is one of the worthiest computer accessories available.


  • 110mm fans
  • USB powered dual fans
  • Noise free silent operation
  • Anti-skid
  • LED indicators

3.External Drives

The data stored in your PC or laptop is vulnerable and can be damaged by even a single virus attack thus you must have a backup plan. A quality external hard disk drive can provide perfect backup with huge storage capacity.

Create a backup of your whole data by storing your entire PC’s photos, videos, games and other files. Quality external drive delivers fast data transferring rate of almost 4MB/second. HHD’s also helps us in sharing large files conveniently in less time.


  • USB 3.0
  • RAM 4TB
  • Also compatible with PS4 and Xbox
  • USB powered
  • Lightening fast transfer

4.Waterproof Keyboard

Enjoying your Espresso while working on your PC is great but if that coffee mug gets slipped from your hands it may damage the keyboard and other components and this may had happened to you before once or many times.

What you should do to prevent these kinds of situations?

This problem can be eliminated by using a waterproof keyboard. Yes, these days waterproof keyboards are also available and you can even wash them.

5.Portable Scanner

Scanners are one of the most important office gadgets but if you work at your home office or do a lot of business travels than it will be impossible to carry your office scanner on business trips.

You have to go with a compact and portable option of the scanner thus I have listed this Canon compact scanner here. Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices this portable scanner ensures duplex scanning at higher speed.


  • Speed 16iPM
  • 10 sheet ADF
  • USB enabled
  • Lightweight and portable

6.USB Flash Drive

USB drives are one of the most purchased computer hardware accessories. These days USB drives can store a huge amount of data. Now you can store more than 250 GB of data in a small USB drive.

I have featured this ScanDisk 256 GB flash drive which is capable in transferring data at a speed of 150MB/second. It has estimated that this ScanDisk USB drive transfer data almost 15 times faster than other standard USB drives.

7.Bluetooth Speakers

External speakers are also one of the most purchased hardware accessories worldwide. Your home PC or laptop may are equipped with quality speakers but they can’t beat the quality of an external hardware.

And when it comes to Bluetooth speakers what will be better than Bose speakers. Bose is one of the biggest manufactures of Bluetooth speakers and other electronics and best known for their awesome product quality.


  • 360 degree sound
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • Crisp balanced sound
  • SIRI/Google assistant enabled
  • Bose connect app
  • Stereo and Party mode

8.Laptop Stand

Many people deal with neck strain and back pain while working continuously on a computer screen. A laptop stand can raise your monitor or laptop to the eye level ensures improved body posture.

Desktop stand is proved to be very helpful for the people who work for long period such as for the programmers, graphics designers, internet marketers, writers etc.

9.Portable Charger

Many of us had invested money on buying smartphone portable charger. These kinds of chargers have small capacity and are best for small devices.

To juice up your laptop on the go you will need a very high capacity portable charger that’s why I have listed here a 20100mAh powerbank. The battery can be recharged fully in just 3.5 hours and comes with five LED light indicator.


  • 20100mAh power capacity
  • Recharge time 3.5 hours
  • Led indicator
  • USB output
  • Charge dual devices at a time
  • Smart AC output

10.Cleaning Kit

Last but not the least you can gift your computer a cleaning kit this year. Keyboard is one of the most difficult computer accessories to clean if it isn’t waterproof.

The cleaning kit featured here has a vacuum cleaner which eliminates dirt from keyboards easily. Small and lightweight vacuum cleaner can be used to clean computer accessories without putting much effort ensuring great convenience.

Final Note:

Countless computer accessories are purchased worldwide everyday and if you are also planning to upgrade your collection you must create a list of best products before spending your resources.

This list about top 10 computer hardware accessories will surely help you in buying best products which will help you in enhancing your performance and productivity.

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