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Top 5 Free Music Apps

5 Free Music Apps

If you looking for free streaming music apps then you are the right place. In this article, I will share top free music apps for Android and iPhone. In Past time, download and save songs on your phone or in your computer taking your valuable time. Nowadays, you can stream online any song you want to hear.

Here the best 5 free music apps:

  1. Spotify
  2. Pandora
  3. iHeart Radio
  4. YouTube Music
  5. SoundCloud


Spotify is a standout amongst the broadest music streaming on the planet with more than 30 million tracks in its library and more than 83 million paying clients. You can tune in to advertisement bolstered music for nothing on rearranging. Finding and tuning in to tracks is likewise conceivable, yet is restricted in the complementary plan.

Spotify App available for both Android and iPhone.  You can pay 9.99 dollars per month and through this app, you will save songs offline, create your own custom playlists and some more features available.


Pandora is another web radio style application. Enter the name of a kind, artist, genre, song name. The more music you listen in to any rate, then Pandora app more understands your music taste and show you music according to your taste. It’s an incredible method to find new music.

In spite of the fact that Pandora app is free of cost, you’ll need to make a record to listen in to music. The free arrangement is additionally advertisement upheld and gives you a chance to skips limited songs per day.

Pandora app available for Android and iPhone version of smartphones. The Pandora app gives 4.99 dollars per month additional plan other than the free version. In which unlimited music skips, replays, four offline stations, no ads and high-quality audio. The Premium plan of the Pandora app is 9.99 dollar per month which gives you music on demand and addition features of playlist creation.

iHeart Radio

In past, iHeartMedia group is the best websites for streaming music where iHeart Radio is the part and run over 850 channels across the US.

You can listen to live radio, podcasts, news and create your own radio station based on your music taste. Not required to create an account to listen to songs but skip limited songs per day. This free streaming music app available for Android, iPhone and also for other devices.

YouTube Music

Google’s ongoing changes to YouTube has transformed its excellent services into different levels. YouTube Red has been supplanted by YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, the last planned only for music.

In the case of nothing else, YouTube Music work like Spotify. You can search for music and listen to playlists, etc. They additionally have an incredible determination of music from free artists. You additionally get the intensity of Google’s propelled search; search for lyrics or even portray the song to discover it in YouTube Music. The free version of YouTube Music show advertisement. YouTube Music also Premium version at the cost of 9.99 dollars per month which get you advertisement free and play music in the background.


SoundCloud offers an incredible method to appreciate and find new music. You can discover a portion of your most loved music there, however that is not SoundCloud’s core interest. SoundCloud gives free artists a chance to transfer and host their music. The more you use it, the more it will learn and suggest music dependent on what you as of now love.

You can download SoundCloud app in your Android smartphone as well as in your iPhone.

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