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Top Five Tips on Shopping for CCTV Cameras for your Office

CCTV Cameras

In the modern day, world office environment has changed a lot. Earlier there used to be a trust between the colleagues but now things have changed. Most of the offices install CCTV Cameras to protect the important documents present in the premises and for the safety of the workers working in the office as these days a lot of cases of robbery can be seen in which many times employees get injured. So before buying and installing CCTV cameras in your office you should keep some tips in mind for better results:-

  1. Deciding the way you will keep a check

As advancements in technology are made everyday new generation of CCTV cameras have been developed which can be viewed from any part of this earth as they are connected through the internet.

You just need to install a DVR which needs to be connected to the internet and should have an IP Address enabling you to keep a constant check from anywhere.

  1. Determining the number of cameras you require

Before going out for buying you should do a survey of your office and check the key locations which need to be brought under surveillance so that you can get an exact number regarding how many cameras you need to buy.  

  1. Placing of the cameras

Cameras should be strategically located on the office premises so that trespassers can’t see them. Many people prefer installing clandestine cameras to expose and caught the wrongdoers irrespective whether they are an outsider or an insider.

Contemporary CCTV cameras can be placed on the cleft of the wall too so that they can be hidden, give a good view and protect the cameras from extreme weather conditions such as rain, dust storms and etc.

  1. Placing the DVR\NVR and providing power backup

It is very important to protect the digital video recorder (DVR) or the network video recorder (NVR) as these two systems contain all the recording it is very essential that its access should be limited so that no one can tamper with it which may lead to some heavy losses to the organization.

It is preferred that you install the DVR or NVR centrally to reduce the cabling cost and reduce the complexity of the CCTV camera system.

Another very essential point is providing constant power supply to the system so that it there is 24×7 surveillance. So you should have a good connection and a good power backup in place so that if there is a power cut still the system remains unaffected.

  1. Testing the system and maintaining the cameras

After you are done with the installation process you should do a final run to test whether all the cameras and the systems are working properly or not.

So that if there is any fault it can be rectified immediately. So that there is no problem in the future.

Another key thing is maintaining the cameras. As every electrical equipment requires service due to its wear and tear, so does the CCTV cameras? If they are not given proper maintenance they will start malfunctioning which can create a serious lapse in the security. So it is advisable that you give the AMC (annual maintenance contract) to a reputed service provider so that he can provide the maintenance and there is no lapse in the security.

To have a hassle-free environment in the office it is the need of the hour to install CCTV cameras on the premises. As humans need rest they cannot keep a constant check but these cameras do there work efficiently.

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