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WD’s ‘5400 RPM-Class’ Drives Don’t Necessarily Spin at That Speed

Western Digital was as of late enduring an onslaught for not unveiling that specific drives use more slow SMR tech, and now there’s another issue revealed by the network. For reasons unknown, the organization’s 5400 RPM drives may not really turn at 5400 RPM, as found by Amoroko on Reddit.

The Redditor ran tests with different WD drives, and found that 5400 RPM drives regularly turn a lot quicker, at 7200 RPM, in light of acoustic testing. The drives influenced incorporate a scope of WD Red drives and WD components drives, however the test wasn’t actually wide.

Incidentally, WD isn’t marking the drives as 5400 RPM either, but instead “5400 RPM Performance Class.” But what does that truly mean?

“For select items, Western Digital has distributed RPM speed inside a “class” or “execution class” for various years as opposed to distributing explicit axle speeds. We additionally tweak select hard drive stages and the related HDD attributes to make a few unique varieties of such stages to meet distinctive market or application needs. Thusly, we can use our economies of scale and go along those reserve funds to our clients. Likewise with each Western Digital item, our item subtleties, which incorporate force, acoustics and execution (information move rate), are tried to meet the details gave on the item’s information sheet and showcasing insurance.”

Arstechnica examined the datasheets of WD’s “5400 RPM Performance Class” drives and contrasted them with genuine 5400 RPM drives. They discovered obvious contrasts in power utilization and clamor levels, which normally additionally prompts more warmth yield. This makes one wonder, from which period is WD characterizing the force utilization and clamor levels of “5400 RPM Performance Class?”

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