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What are Junk Files and how to clean out them in Windows

Sometimes this surprise you to that you drive is getting almost full rapidly because of exactly nothing. When you dive deep into your hard drive you get another surprise to see that there are no such files recently saved by you which can be responsible for occupying this much space. Than what are these files, from where did they came to your computer and how you can get rid of them? Well you will find answers to all these questions in this article.

What are Junk Files:

As soon as you start using your computer some temporary files start accumulating on your computer. These files are basically intending to enhance user experience some of them includes caches and cookies which helps to load a website faster if you are opening the same website again. Some other junk files are the results of leftovers of programs which were not able to completely be uninstalled from your computer. Sometimes a malware is also responsible for multiplying files for no reason.

Here is how to deal with Junk files:

There can be many work arounds to deal with junk files depending upon how they got accumulated. Here we are listing best out of them which can work to clear junk accumulated because of some most common reasons.

Broadly there are two ways to clean junk files on windows one is manually and the other one is by using a third-party software. Let us begin with the manual procedure.

  1. To clean junk files the easiest way is to rely on the Disk clean up wizard.
  2. Disk clean up Wizard can be initiated by going to This PC or windows explorer and from there you can right click on the drive you want to run clean up Wizard then go to properties.
Junk Files
  1. On the general tab you will find Disk clean up button as soon as you will click on it you will be able to choose junk files which you want to wipe out.
Junk Files 2
  1. Disk clean up wizard includes different sections such as browser cache. program leftovers and recycle bin and other temporary files.
  2. It may take few minutes and sometimes hours to complete Disk clean up once it is complete you will surprise to see the amount of storage it has restored for you.
  3. Time for cleanup and storage restored totally depends on the amount of the junk which was there on your computer.

This is one of the methods to clean the junk here is another method.

  1. Go to temp folder by typing %temp% in Windows search box.
Junk Files
  1. You will be on the temp folder where you can see different files of different formats.
  2. You can select all these files and then delete them.
  3. This will help you to get rid from the junk on your computer. here you can skip dome files from the deletion if prompted.

So, this was all about manually cleaning Junk if you want to keep it simple then you can go for a third-party software. There are lots of third-party software available which claims to clean junk from your computer but here is something which you should look for in an efficient junk cleaner.

  • Junk cleaner should not occupy much size on your hard disk.
  • It should create backup of your important files or should not mess with them while cleaning the junk.
  • It should be a time savior and user friendly.

This is how you can clean junk files from your system. It is a good idea to go for the scheduled maintenance of your computer so that you can get the best out of it when it is critically required.

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