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What are the Various Factors that Influence Staffing Process?

Staffing Process

Have you ever thought of how various companies around the world hire employees? Well if you think that it is very simple procedure then you are completely mistaken because it is a lengthy one but following the correct phases one can finish the whole proceeding smoothly and can get the required candidates.

But there are various factors in the staffing processthat can have far-reaching consequences. They are not only for the company but also for the employees. Although the below-mentionedfactors seem to be trivial they have their own type of influence.

Steps of Staffing Process:

The whole process has some special steps that have to be taken to complete the hiring process. Although it is a lengthy procedure as discussed before but by taking the right steps you will be able to have qualified staff.

  1. First, a comparison between the need of an employee and the demand for it is done. The workload should be balanced with the workforce.
  2. Afterwards, ads are given so that you have a large pool of applicants to choose from.
  3. By carefully analyzing the qualifications of the applicants, select the one who is the most appropriate.
  4. Once finalized place the chosen employee in the right job in your office or firm.
  5. If the selected candidate is a fresh one then arrange for special training to develop the skills.
  6. Everyone feels satisfied when praised so appreciation on correct things must be given.

Various Influential Factors:

Ordinary people may not have apprehended that recruiting members of staff will be a lengthy process and there might be many aspects that can influence the efficiency of hiring.These factors include;

  1. External Ones
  2. Judicial Aspects
  3. Internal Factors
  4. Other Circumstances

External Ones:

There are many elements that happen outside an organization that determines whether to hire someone or not.Or will the company have the desired quantity of employees? The following are the external factors that can change the staffing;

Relation of Supply and Demand:

At times the level of supply and demand of the employees can shuffle. Meaning that sometimes the demand can increase and there are a few candidates available, or the number of applicants grows but there is less opportunity available.

The rate of Unemployment:

This increase and decrease in the demand and supply lead to a shift in the employment level. When the rate of unemployment is high; it always attracts a large number of candidates so the company can choose the best one from that pool.

Conditions of the Labor-Market:

Labor-Market is referred to as a platform where both employees gather to compete tosecure a good job and the companies try to find the perfect candidate for their businesses. There can be peaks and valleys that can affect the conditions of these markets.

Overall Situation of a Country:

Another external aspect that one should consider is the economic and political situation of a country must be examined. A country which under constant political stress or is suffering financial crisis will have devastating effects of the recruitment process.

Judicial Aspects:

All around the world the law has made changes in recruiting and restricting companies from making disastrous decisions.

Child-Labor Prohibited:

In the past companies and businesses were free to hire children to do small jobs in factories and various industries. But as time passed the health of these working children started to have serious health issues. After that, a law was passed that no one will hire children for doing any type of job.

Seats for the Handicapped:

There are many organizations and businesses that have a few seats specified for handicapped to help them rise in the society. But these seats are for the physically handicapped not for the mentally challenged.

Internal Factors:

Certain factors inside the organization can alter staffing solutions. These are totally related to the administrative guidelines that are to be strictly followed by all existing employees.

In-house Policies:

The individual policy of the organization on which the whole company is established makes recruiting sometimes difficult and at another occasioneasy. The recruitment team has to look for candidates who can fit into the criteria that are already set.

The Job Period:

Companies have basically two types of job periods; full-time or part-time.Different companies have a diversified range of timeline for their employees but the candidates might not be willing to do a job in a set time frame.

The capacity of Hiring:

The businesses have a specific number of seats that are to be fulfilled. If the company has 50 seats empty but the number of candidates is higher, then it can create a problem of choosing the appropriate applicants.

Salaries to Hired Employees:

If the salary of the employees is lesser than the desired one, then applicants will step down from the job. This cost has been set by the company as per their budget and if the salary is high then it means that the company is willing to spend more.

Other Circumstances:

There are many organizations around the world that still have a biased attitude towards women. So no vacancies are for women especially if there are any long tours involved.Companies prefer to have more male employees because they think that females are not capable of competing.

The businesses and companies have a desire to hire the best for the progress of their enterprise so they go through the staffing process to do so. But the above mentioned various factors make it difficult and the various organizations fail to appoint who are competent.

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