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You’d Better Not Update Your iPhone If You Use Google Maps on a Daily Basis

In the event that you use Google Maps, and for reasons unknown, some other route application, consistently on your iPhone, you would be advised to not introduce the latest major working framework update.

Google Maps is the top route application on cell phones

Furthermore, it’s all since route applications by and large, and Google Maps specifically, appear to be affected by a glitch that separates the Bluetooth association and which in this way prompts voice route done filling in as it should.

Recently, we announced about broken Google Maps voice route occurring on some iPhones, with clients griping on the official Google discussions that the guidelines gave by the application are constantly cut. Each time the iPhone is being utilized with a Bluetooth association with the vehicle’s speakers for route, the main words are continually absent.

And keeping in mind that from the start it was accepted that the guilty party was Google Maps, it currently appears as though the offender is the update to iOS 14, which appears to prompt more issues with route applications on refreshed iPhones.

There are a lot of protests highlighting broken Bluetooth route on Google’s gatherings (here, here, and here), and a few clients found that the entire thing likewise occurs with Apple Maps. This appears to show there’s a bug at the working framework level and not really brought about by a particular application.

“I just introduced and tried Apple Maps and that has the very same issue! I surmise that implies the issue in is the iPhone as it occurs in both our vehicles,” somebody says on the gatherings.

Others went over more issues in the wake of refreshing their iPhones to iOS 14. For instance, at whatever point the Google Maps window is in center and route direction should be offered, no solid really experiences.

Now, a workaround doesn’t appear to exist, as basically reinstalling the application and resetting Bluetooth don’t have any effect. Neither Google nor Apple recognized the issues.

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