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Your Ultimate guide for making High-Quality Animation

Guide for Animation

The animation is all about charming the target audience with creative and cartoonish characters and animated objects. One can rightly claim that animation is one of the fastest and rapidly developing industries of this current era. The animation is not only used for entertainment purposes rather it has proven to be beneficial for business, industrial and marketing sectors.

In today’s digitized era, where everything has deep-rooted impacts of technology it is safe to say that business marketing strategies have been revolutionized by the introduction of animated video content. The audience of this modern era has a very short attention span, and it is shrinking day by day.

Many business organization takes the modern approach of using animated videos as a marketing tool to keep the attention of their audience hooked on content. With this rapidly shrinking attention span of the targeted audience, animated video act as an anchor to hold and maintain the attention time of the audience.

The animation was introduced as comics, but since the technological takeover of the animation industry, numerous new digital tools and applications have been introduced to create better and high-quality animated objects and characters. These digital tools and applications have taken the animation industry to a whole new level and have changed the dynamics of the ways and methods of traditional animation.

Business organizations utilize the services of freelance animators and animation studio to help them in creating high-quality animated video content for branding and marketing purposes.

Basics of animation

Without a doubt, the animation is a fun job to do, but it has some fundamentals principles and basics concepts which should be followed to make good quality animation. Enumerated below are the basic steps for creating animated content:

Write down your plot

No matter which type of content you are making, composing the plot is one of the initial steps of content creation; the same is the case with animation. Whether you are making corporate animation video or an explainer animated video, you need to write down and decide the plot and storyline of your animation.

Your storyline and plot should be brief yet explanatory. To do this, you have to gather all the relevant information about the needs and requirements of your customers. Once you know the requirements, compose a plot which not only addresses the problems of the targeted audience but it also tells them about how your client’s product is going to help them in solving those problems and issues.

Make a storyboard

Now that you have your storyline/plot, it’s time to start working on the animation process. Storyboard creation is the first and most important step of the whole animation procedure. In this step, you have to create and sketch out your animated characters and objects.

Before finalizing your characters and objects, determine which type of animated video you are going to make whether it’s 3D, 2D, whiteboard or any other. Each type of animated video has a different set of requirements and specifications.


Now that you know the type, characters and other elements of your animated video, it’s time to translate those hand-drawn sketches into digital illustrations. In computer tools and applications, illustration is done in a frame-by-frame manner while integrating suitable color schemes and shades.

In this step, every animated character goes through the detailing process in which colors, expressions, postures, gestures are added to each character. Once each character has gone through the detailing process, they are used in a realistic framework to give them a life-like look.


Last but not the least, in this step you bring your animated objects, elements and characters to life. In this step you have to synchronize the voiceover, the background music and the animated characters with each other. In this final stage, you have to finalize how every object and character is supposed to look and appear.

In this crucial stage, you must focus on enhancing the quality of your animated content by adding enticing background elements. By doing so, the attention of your audience will be hooked on your content.

Developing animation trends

The animation is all about putting together different objects and characters in a synchronized manner which enables the audience in interpreting the sequence of events. Nowadays, the animation is used for storytelling purposes, whether it a children’s story or the story behind a business organization or company. In a nutshell, almost every sector is reaping benefits of animation, be it the entertainment sector or the business sector.

Usage of advanced digital tools and applications has made it easier for the animators to create high-quality animated content. Each year new and innovative animation styles and trends are introduced in the animation industry, some of the widely-practiced and preferred animation styles and approaches of this year are:

  • Fusing 3D characters with retro and vintage style of animation.
  • Highly contrastive Cel animation.
  • Coupling 2D animation styles with 3D animation.
  • Integrating surrealistic characteristics in animated content.
  • Renaissance of 2D animation video in business branding.


If you are successful in creating or obtaining a high-quality animated video for business branding, you are bound for successful product marketing in international marketplaces. Animated content can accelerate your business profit and revenues rates. It all depends on how well-composed your animated content is.

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